Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Emergency Storm Tips

It seems as if storm season never quite leaves Pennsylvania. As the thunderstorms roll away with the heat, winter’s ice and snow fall quicker than the lea... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Wyomissing, PA

The Wyomissing area is no stranger to floods, whether it’s from a thunderstorm in the summer or wacky weather in the winter that quickly turns frozen snow... READ MORE

Mold Builds Up During Storm Season in Wyomissing, PA

In Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, we are no stranger to storm season. We have storms all throughout the year whether its a thunderstorm, consistent days of cold rain... READ MORE

Storm Threatens Kitchen in Wyomissing, PA

Don't you hate when the sky is falling? Especially when it's your roof crumbling into your kitchen AND in the middle of a summer thunderstorm. But we love when ... READ MORE

2015 Christmas Eve Disaster in PA

This home received a holiday disaster when water began pouring into their home. Previous hail damage from past weather events that summer exposed this home to s... READ MORE

Christmas Eve 2015

Hail damage from previous storms appeared Christmas eve 2015. Water poured throughout the home due to rains & winds. Hail damage to roof was just being discover... READ MORE

2015 Polar Vortex in PA

White Christmases are the best until they're followed by a polar freeze and pipes freeze, break and cause water damage! In this specific property, eight (yes ei... READ MORE