Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Cause of Loss

So what's one of the first things SERVPRO of Wyomissing does when they get to a job site to handle a water damage situation? We look for the cause of loss or th... READ MORE

What do watermarks on your ceiling mean?

A leak in the roof or the ceiling of a residence in Wyomissing, PA may lead to damage and destruction for a homeowner. Even a minor leak can wreak havoc in the ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement during Thanksgiving 2014 in Wyomissing, PA

During the Thanksgiving of 2014, a local family had a lot more to deal with then just a burned turkey. The holiday season gave way to a pipe that burst, and sub... READ MORE

Polar Freeze 2015

Customer came home to a kitchen and household in distress from copper pipes breaking in 10 degree weather.

Power Outage in PA

Unfortunately a customer had to find out the hard way that a Sump pump can not run without electric or a back up system in case of emergencies. That's okay, bec... READ MORE

2015 Commercial Cleanup in PA

Ever set off the sprinklers in a hotel? We wouldn't suggest it on your next vacation or stay. In this incident, the sprinklers were left running for hours creat... READ MORE

Water Damage in Kitchen in Wyomissing, PA

Don't you hate surprises when you're making dinner, and hear a drip drop on your counter tops?! Where is that water coming from? A leaky pipe above your ceiling... READ MORE