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How to Protect Your Business from Fire Disasters

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

As wild fires ravage states and entire countries across the world, business owners should take this as a warning to learn about how they can stop the preventable fires that could happen in their very own business.

And while commercial owners already have so much to keep track of, fire safety is a worthwhile focus for anyone, and may help you stop disaster before it even happens. Plus dealing with the ramifications of a fire takes a lot more time, energy and money than learning about fires and protecting yourself against the possibility of a fire ever happening.

Here are some of the most common causes for a workplace fire:

Electrical and heating equipment can cause major disasters if they are improperly maintained, operated or installed. It would prove worthwhile to do a check of any appliances to make sure they are safe and up to standard. And this should be a regular occurrence as equipment can breakdown quickly under the hustle and bustle of a business.

If you’re a restaurant or a facility that utilizes cooking equipment then be sure to make sure that these appliances are always under watch and surveillance when being used.

And like the previous causes, mechanical equipment needs to be properly aligned and lubricated to avoid mechanical friction fires.

Also don’t forget about your cleaning products! While they may not always be the cause, they can very much be the reason a fire gets bigger and bigger and spreads. Avoid excessive storage of combustible materials.

And while there are so many reasons that a fire can start, these are the most easily identifiable and preventable. To keep your business running successfully, check, recheck and maintain all equipment and procedures. It also doesn’t hurt to have an overload of smoke detectors and fire alarms too!

SERVPRO of Wyomissing is easily reached at (610)208-0300 for all of your commercial needs!

Does Your Business Have Questions About the ERP?

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

Good news - SERVPRO of Wyomissing is here to answer all of your Emergency Ready Profile questions, as we want your business as prepared as possible for any challenge or disaster that may come your way. 

Here are the most common questions we receive when Wyomissing businesses express interest in our ERP:

What is an ERP?

An Emergency Ready Profile is a document that collects and organizes emergency information personal to your business, so that if or when disaster strikes you are more than prepared to handle the damage and clean up efficiently to get your business running again “Like it never even happened.” 

Why should you make an ERP today?

There is no downside to filling out an ERP, only a plan to recover faster and better in case your business is damaged by fire, water, storms, etc. Important information like essential contacts is also included in the ERP. Taking the time now to fill out an ERP will save you money and time in the future. Why not protect yourself, your employees and your business?

How much does it cost?

There is no cost, and we’ll even fill it out for you! Just call us.  

Are you ready to make your ERP? If so, call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 to get started!

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Wyomissing recently covered how to get your roof ready for the winter, but is the rest of your home ready for the wintery mix that’s bound for our area?

It’s important to know that the biggest issue our community faces every winter is frozen pipes, so just follow these steps to do your best to avoid this fate and all of the issues that come with it!

When temperatures drop be sure to:

  1. Turn faucets on to a drip
  2. Leave cabinet doors open
  3. Disconnect any outside hoses
  4. Try to warm up cooler areas of your house
  5. Maintain a house temperature of 65 degrees or higher
  6. Call a plumber immediately if your pipes freeze

If you have any questions about how to winterize your home, want recommendations for a local plumber or need someone to handle a pipe burst disaster “Like it never even happened,” then call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610) 208-0300. We’ll be available 24/7 this winter!

What's A Sewage Backup Mean for Your Business?

11/16/2021 (Permalink)

Has your business been effected by water damage? It’s important to call your local SERVPRO franchise in these situations because not all water damage situations are the same as there are three different types of water that can flood your business.

What are the three types?

Category 1

Clean water is considered a category 1 loss, which is water that spills from a broken water line. If this is left untreated the water can be downgraded to category 2 or 3 depending on how long it sits.

Category 2

Gray water is considered a category 2 loss. Gray water may contain bacteria and viruses from a washing machine, dishwasher or a toilet WITHOUT fecal matter overflow. This too can be degraded to a category 3 loss if left untreated.

Category 3

Black water is considered a category 3 loss, which means the water may contain untreated sewage, harsh chemicals and microbes. This can happen from flooding rivers or sewer backups.

While sewage back-ups are some of the most common disasters businesses face, they are the most dreaded and dangerous as far as disasters go. Why? Because the unsanitary conditions can lead to serious health complications found from the bacteria and viruses in the sewage.

These sorts of disasters require special training, equipment and services to safely handle this type of contamination. And that’s why it’s important to call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 with any questions or for our expert services!

Commercial Cleaning Services in Wyomissing

11/16/2021 (Permalink)

In Wyomissing, businesses are often bustling, and welcoming tons of foot-traffic. And that will only increase this holiday season.

With a booming business, comes normal wear and tear. But who has time to keep up with the demands of running a business, interacting with customers and ensuring that everything looks clean and up-to-date?

So when the busy season hits, make sure you’re ready and call SERVPRO of Wyomissing for a prompt and detailed cleaning service. We remove odors, deep clean floors and carpets and reach all of the hard to hit places.

Here are the other cleaning services we provide:

  • Sewage
  • Crime scenes
  • Vandalism
  • Ceilings, walls, hardwood floors, etc.

SERVPRO of Wyomissing has experience cleaning restaurant kitchens, removing mold from hotels and handling biohazard issues across a variety of businesses. There’s not much we can’t handle when it comes to your cleaning needs!

Need cleaning services? Call SERVPRO of Wyomissing first at (610)208-0300!

What To Do When A Storm Knocks Out Your Power

11/16/2021 (Permalink)

Residents of Wyomissing are no strangers to power outages from all kinds of storms, but the worst are the outages that come from the few ice storms we receive every winter. These kinds of storms are lethal as the ice weighs everything down, destroys power lines, makes trees fall down and leaves you in the dark and cold, especially if you don’t have a back up generator.

And these power outages can last for days, or even weeks!

While we hope it doesn’t happen, SERVPRO of Wyomissing wants to make sure you’re prepared for the possibility of an ice storm because its happened before, and most likely will happen again.

So what should you do before you lose power?

First things first, always pay attention to the weather forecast during the winter. And if anything pops up on the radar, make sure your electronics are charged and ready to be used in case of an emergency. Don’t forget extra batteries too! Also be sure to stock your pantry with non-perishable foods and drinks, like cereal, granola, peanut butter, bottled water, canned foods, etc. Pro tip: do this before the storm even hits the radar to avoid the mass exodus to the grocery store the day before a big storm. And just pop into the store for bread and any fresh fruits you feel like you can’t live without.

While this is a more expensive preparation, it could be extremely useful to buy a generator AND keep it outside of your home, like in the garage because of the possibility for high levels of carbon monoxide.

And what should you do during the power outage?

Unplug any devices you don’t need the generator to power, like game systems, lamps, etc. This will help you avoid any further damage from power surges. And be mindful of how often you open and close your refrigerator and freezer in order to keep previously food as fresh as possible.

But most importantly, don’t panic because you’ve already prepared.

If you have any questions about how else to prepare or the storm damages your property, reach out to SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 so we can help!

Celebrating Veteran's Day with SERVPRO

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO franchises across the country recently merged under the leadership of Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms, and we could not be more proud and excited for this opportunity – especially because of their commitment to veterans.

In recent years, the investment company set a goal to hire 50,000 American military veterans, caregivers and spouses across the number of companies they lead.

They reached that goal, and are aiming hire. Blackstone has set a new goal to double its original goal to hire 50,000 more additional veterans, caregivers and spouses in the next five years.

And here at SERVPRO of Wyomissing, we’re ecstatic to be apart of this initiative.

If you are or know of anyone involved in the military services in need of help with regards to a job, please call (610)208-0300 because we’re not only committed to making it “Like it never even happened,” but we’re also committed to YOU!

Is Your Roof Ready for the Winter?

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Winter is coming.

And as much as SERVPRO of Wyomissing is dedicated to helping our community, our favorite part of our job is helping stop a disaster before it starts.

And the Winter season is almost upon us, so how can you prepare for the wintery mix?

First things first, the roof.

The pitch of your roof is essential in understanding what to look for, and adjust according to the weather. Is your roof steep? Does it have an almost level part? If you have a flat roof then snow is more likely to collect and congest. The steeper the pitch the less likely you face damage from snow piling up.

If you have a flat roof, you're not doomed. You just need to take some extra precautions, like clearing your drains of leaves and what not from autumn. During the Winter, as cold and miserable as it may be, you also need to be vigilant about ice blockages in your drains. The more ice, the more build up and the heavier the snow means increased changes of collapse and damage.

If you´re home or business has a steeper pitch you should still stay vigilant about snow build up, and invest in a roof rake to avoid that dreaded snow and ice build up that can lead to immense damage.

Have more questions about how to be best prepared for Winter weather?

Just call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610) 208-0300 because we are “faster to any size disaster.”

How To Maintain Your Fireplace

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

As we get closer to winter and frigid temperatures, pools are closing, and fireplaces are heating up. And we, just as much as everyone else, love coming home to a warm house, crackling wood and that smell that is just quintessential winter, snow and cozy clothes.

But with a fireplace, comes the risk of potential fire damage if your fireplace is not well maintained or cleaned.

So to avoid any possible disasters, here are some fireplace safety tips to practice in your home:

  • Make sure to open the flue damper to avoid any clogging of soot. You do not want soot or smoke to build up inside or around your fireplace because soot is a silent killer for you and your home.
  • When building your fire, be sure to safely position your logs as to avoid any burning logs from falling and spreading flames beyond the safety of your fireplace.
  • Clean your fireplace regularly, and if you have gas logs then make sure to do the same with them as well.

While those are just some general tips to keep you and your home safe, also be more cautious as the holidays come into full swing. Be vigilant about lighting the menorah and where your stockings hang.

To learn more about how to prevent fireplace disasters in your home, contact the fire restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610) 208-0300!

All the Facts That You Need to Know About Fire

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

  1. Inhaling smoke and soot can cause health effects. If you have ingested any smoke, go to the hospital to take care of yourself and we'll take care of your home.
  2. Soot is carbon particles from wood, coal or oil that spread, float and cover every inch of surface that it touches. Sometimes you can't even see it.
  3. Interestingly enough, water can be good or bad for fire depending on the situation. Water puts out most fires, except for kitchen fires, but you need to make sure that after the fire is extinguished that your property is completely dried. If you don't, you run the risk of not only fire damage, but mold and water damage as well.
  4. Did you know mold can begin to grow as quickly as 48 hours after water damage occurs.
  5. If you decide to clean your home individually then make sure you are wearing the proper attire to protect your health. Work gloves, safety goggles, face mask are imperative.
  6. Make sure to get a copy of your fire report. It's a public document that will make the entire insurance process so much easier for all involved.
  7. Respect and appreciate your local firefighters.

Need Fire Restoration Advice Or Services? Call SERVPRO of Wyomissing first at (610)208-0300.