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Why SERVPRO of Wyomissing? Local Reviews Tell All!

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO of Wyomissing team really values what our customers have to say about our services. And that’s why we love to hear from YOU and any feedback that will help us be better in the future. SERVPRO of Wyomissing is always hoping to improve. We would love to share some of our reviews from actual customers.

Here is a review from Sara about our mold remediation services:

“Michele was amazing. She spent an entire afternoon looking all over our basement for the cause of water damage + mold after we had recently moved in. Eventually, she found a leaky pipe and had her team + the plumber in our home the very next morning to take care of it all. Michele and her team were pleasant, kind, and explained things in a way we understood - not just the way SHE understood. She was quick to calm me down as I was having a meltdown about the amount of work that needed to be done. In short, she put our needs and concerns before anything else and made sure we felt comfortable with the work that needed to be done without pressuring us to do anything we weren't prepared for. I can't say enough amazing things about Michele. She's passionate and knowledgeable, and the ONLY person I'd recommend for the job." Thank you, Michele!”

Here is a review from Thomas about unexpected damages we helped clean up: 

“I really don't even know where to start. Michele and the team of SERVPRO of Wyomissing are THE resource for taking care of unexpected damages. Last week, my wife and I returned home from an out of state wedding shocked and horrified to find a squirrel had managed to get into our home and did unfathomable amounts of damage. They were the first to respond to my calls for help...even before my insurance company made contact. Little did I know at that point that SERVPRO would be the only operation that had our back. They quickly assessed the damages and while we assumed we'd be covered, the next morning when Michele and company arrived to the previously scheduled appointment we were hit with the news that our homeowners insurance would not be supporting us in any way. As you can imagine this was crushing to my wife and I as we realized we had thousands upon thousands in damages and clean up. At this point we felt abandoned by everyone and this is when Michele and the team took the situation into their own hands and decided they would stand by us regardless if insurance would pay out or not. At this time of year, they gave us a gift I will never ever forget and got our house back up to livable standards and allowed us to start the process of putting our lives back together. There are no words great enough to express how thankful I am for what they did. 10/10 service. 100% would recommend them for any and all disaster clean up.”

SERVPRO of Wyomissing loves to hear from our customers, whether it is kind words of support or areas where we could improve because we always want to be at our best for you and the rest of the Wyomissing community. At SERVPRO of Wyomissing we are here for our community 24/7 365 days of the year for any fire, water, sewer, mold, cleaning or even when a squirrel wreaks havoc! We cover it all. 

Call us for our services at (610)208-0300.

Everything You Need To Know About Smoke Damage

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know there are three main types of fire, smoke and residues that can plague your home after a fire?

Natural fires leave behind a dry powdery residue when they come in contact with things like wood or paper, products made from environmental substances. The residue will look grey/black in color, and will be way easier to clean up than any other fire circumstances. 

Fires caused by the burning of proteins like dishes rich in meat and beans will leave behind a yellow/brown residue. With these kinds of smoke damage situations the residue will feel greasy because of its interaction with food, and thus will be pretty hard to clean up. 

Synthetic residues appear when oil based materials, like plastics and fabrics are burned in a fire. So this could be anything from furniture, carpets, electronics, toys, etc. When these materials burn they produce a very thick black smoke that will cover your house in a hard to clean up residue. In this situation avoid touching any of the synthetic residue to prevent smearing, and let a certified professional service, like SERVPRO of Wyomissing, clean it up to ensure your safety and your home’s.

If you have any smoke damage that you need cleaned, call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300.

We're Here for Local Wyomissing Businesses Too

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment in a commercial retailer's showroom After a flash flood, we responded quickly to the needs of a local furniture store that was experiencing vast amounts of water damage.

SERVPRO of Wyomissing does not only support local families and homes, but we are also on duty for our local business owners too! 

If you’re a commercial property owner then you know how important it is to maintain a professional look for you, your customers and your investors. With any means of damage or loss, your appearance could be ruined and your store could be shut down for an unforeseeable amount of time. We have experiences with businesses that have unfortunately had to deal with fire, water, mold, biohazard and other damages. 

But here at SERVPRO of Wyomissing we aim to make sure your business looks “Like it never even happened.” We have quality and efficient services, team members and equipment that make your disaster that much easier to deal with. No job is too big or too small for our SERVPRO team! We’ve had experiences with small office buildings, large office buildings, apartments, hotels, retail stores, universities, churches, restaurants and so on. 

In any emergency situation, SERVPRO of Wyomissing is ready all 365 days of the year. Need our help and expertise? Call us at (610)208-0300!

Your Dryer Could Be A Fire Hazard

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association there are almost 17,000 dryer fires a year? 

And the damage can be deadly. These fires have caused about 51 deaths, 280 injuries and over $236 million in property loss and damage. 

So how can you do your best to prevent these fires from starting? Clean your dryer vents! 

How do you know if your dryer needs cleaning or unclogging? Here are a few signs:

  • Clothing smells musty after a drying cycle
  • Dryer sheets have an odor after each cycle
  • Abnormal amount of heat on clothes or in room where your washer and dryer are located
  • Excessive amount of lint build up in the lint trap after a cycle

And here are some more tips on how to prevent a dryer fire:

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings before installing a new appliance
  • Try to clean the filter at least every 5 months with a nylon brush if it does become clogged
  • Check to make sure the dryer lint filter is cleaned out before and after each load of wash
  • Check your vent pipe for lint every 3 months 
  • Ensure that the outdoor vent cover is open when the dryer is turned on 
  • Be vigilant during the springtime, and check your dryer vent outside to make sure no birds have made a new home 

If you have any questions or concerns about your dryer, please call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300.

Where Is Mold Most Commonly Found?

2/11/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know one of the most common problems we are called for in the Wyomissing area is mold remediation? Water disasters and mold go hand and hand, and we’re equipped to deal with both. Mold can literally grow in any location with enough moisture and oxygen. So it’s important to be vigilant and survey your entire home or business regularly, but especially, after weather elements, like our common thunderstorms and floods in the summer. 

Search these 3 places in your home for mold: 

  1. Sinks and Toilets 

Bathrooms are a breeding ground because of the increased amounts of humidity that come from the shower and hot water. Sinks and toilets face the most exposure because of the humid atmosphere and potential for pipe leaks. Be sure to check the dark area under your sink! 

  1. Walls 

Moldy drywall is not fun to deal with, but it happens. While the actual wall that is exposed generally isn’t a great place for mold, the darker, enclosed space behind the wall is a susceptible area because of the plumbing system’s pipes that often reside there. If you find mold in the wall, it is most likely there is mold behind it as well. It can also indicate a larger problem that needs immediate attention, such as a pipe leak. 

  1. Wood and Laminate Floors

While these floors offer a pleasing aesthetic to your home or business, they are often more vulnerable to mold, especially if they are built upon concrete. This material is porous, which allows it to absorb water and mix with it, which is a haven for mold. Be vigilant about nearby spills and leaks or replace the floor with ceramic tile. 

Some areas in your Wyomissing, Pennsylvania home are more susceptible to mold growth than others. Search these places and call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 for a mold remediation service to deal with severe cases.

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Wyomissing recently covered how to get your roof ready for the winter, but is the rest of your home ready for the wintery mix that’s bound for our area?

It’s important to know that the biggest issue our community faces every winter is frozen pipes, so just follow these steps to do your best to avoid this fate and all of the issues that come with it!

When temperatures drop be sure to:

  1. Turn faucets on to a drip
  2. Leave cabinet doors open
  3. Disconnect any outside hoses
  4. Try to warm up cooler areas of your house
  5. Maintain a house temperature of 65 degrees or higher
  6. Call a plumber immediately if your pipes freeze

If you have any questions about how to winterize your home, want recommendations for a local plumber or need someone to handle a pipe burst disaster “Like it never even happened,” then call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610) 208-0300. We’ll be available 24/7 this winter!

Does Your Business Have Questions About the ERP?

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

Good news - SERVPRO of Wyomissing is here to answer all of your Emergency Ready Profile questions, as we want your business as prepared as possible for any challenge or disaster that may come your way. 

Here are the most common questions we receive when Wyomissing businesses express interest in our ERP:

What is an ERP?

An Emergency Ready Profile is a document that collects and organizes emergency information personal to your business, so that if or when disaster strikes you are more than prepared to handle the damage and clean up efficiently to get your business running again “Like they never even happened.” 

Why should you make an ERP today?

There is no downside to filling out an ERP, only a plan to recover faster and better in case your business is damaged by fire, water, storms, etc. Important information like essential contacts is also included in the ERP. Taking the time now to fill out an ERP will save you money and time in the future. Why not protect yourself, your employees and your business?

How much does it cost?

There is no cost, and we’ll even fill it out for you! Just call us.  

Are you ready to make your ERP? If so, call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 to get started!

How to Protect Your Business from Fire Disasters

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

As wild fires ravage states and entire countries across the world, business owners should take this as an opportunity to learn about how they can stop the preventable fires that could happen in their very own business.

And while commercial owners already have so much to keep track of, fire safety is a worthwhile focus for anyone, and may help you stop disaster before it even happens. Plus dealing with the ramifications of a fire takes a lot more time, energy and money than learning about fires and protecting yourself against the possibility of a fire ever happening.

Here are some of the most common causes for a workplace fire:

Electrical and heating equipment can cause major disasters if they are improperly maintained, operated or installed. It would prove worthwhile to do a check of any appliances to make sure they are safe and up to standard. And this should be a regular occurrence as equipment can breakdown quickly under the hustle and bustle of a business.

If you’re a restaurant or a facility that utilizes cooking equipment then be sure to make sure that these appliances are always under watch and surveillance when being used.

And like the previous causes, mechanical equipment needs to be properly aligned and lubricated to avoid mechanical friction fires.

Also don’t forget about your cleaning products! While they may not always be the cause, they can very much be the reason a fire gets bigger and bigger and spreads. Avoid excessive storage of combustible materials.

And while there are so many reasons that a fire can start, these are the most easily identifiable and preventable. To keep your business running successfully, check, recheck and maintain all equipment and procedures. It also doesn’t hurt to have an overload of smoke detectors and fire alarms too!

SERVPRO of Wyomissing is easily reached at (610)208-0300 for all of your commercial needs!

What To Do When A Storm Knocks Out Your Power

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

Residents of Wyomissing are no strangers to power outages from all kinds of storms, but the worst are the outages that come from the few ice storms we receive every winter. These kinds of storms are lethal as the ice weighs everything down, destroys power lines, makes trees fall down and leaves you in the dark and cold, especially if you don’t have a back up generator.

And these power outages can last for days, or even weeks!

While we hope it doesn’t happen, SERVPRO of Wyomissing wants to make sure you’re prepared for the possibility of an ice storm because its happened before, and most likely will happen again.

So what should you do before you lose power?

First things first, always pay attention to the weather forecast during the winter. And if anything pops up on the radar, make sure your electronics are charged and ready to be used in case of an emergency. Don’t forget extra batteries too! Also be sure to stock your pantry with non-perishable foods and drinks, like cereal, granola, peanut butter, bottled water, canned foods, etc. Pro tip: do this before the storm even hits the radar to avoid the mass exodus to the grocery store the day before a big storm. And just pop into the store for bread and any fresh fruits you feel like you can’t live without.

While this is a more expensive preparation, it could be extremely useful to buy a generator AND keep it outside of your home, like in the garage because of the possibility for high levels of carbon monoxide.

And what should you do during the power outage?

Unplug any devices you don’t need the generator to power, like game systems, lamps, etc. This will help you avoid any further damage from power surges. And be mindful of how often you open and close your refrigerator and freezer in order to keep previously food as fresh as possible.

But most importantly, don’t panic because you’ve already prepared.

If you have any questions about how else to prepare or the storm damages your property, reach out to SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 so we can help!

What’s A Sewage Backup Mean for Your Business?

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

Has your business been effected by water damage? It’s important to call your local SERVPRO franchise in these situations because not all water damage situations are the same as there are three different types of water that can flood your business.

What are the three types?

Category 1

Clean water is considered a category 1 loss, which is water that spills from a broken water line. If this is left untreated the water can be downgraded to category 2 or 3 depending on how long it sits.

Category 2

Gray water is considered a category 2 loss. Gray water may contain bacteria and viruses from a washing machine, dishwasher or a toilet WITHOUT fecal matter overflow. This too can be degraded to a category 3 loss if left untreated.

Category 3

Black water is considered a category 3 loss, which means the water may contain untreated sewage, harsh chemicals and microbes. This can happen from flooding rivers or sewer backups.

While sewage back-ups are some of the most common disasters businesses face, they are the most dreaded and dangerous as far as disasters go. Why? Because the unsanitary conditions can lead to serious health complications found from the bacteria and viruses in the sewage.

These sorts of disasters require special training, equipment and services to safely handle this type of contamination. And that’s why it’s important to call SERVPRO of Wyomissing at (610)208-0300 with any questions or for our expert services!