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SERVPRO equipment in a commercial property displaying showroom furniture

Local Business Floods in Wyomissing, PA

Furniture and water go together as well as oil and water. 

That's why we brought in a lot of equipment to dry out the damage from the flood, and assess the other damages done to this commercial property. It took a lot of hard work, but we got this business back on their feet so they could keep servicing the Wyomissing area!

SERVPRO equipment in a commercial property displaying electronics

H.H. Gregg Flood in Wyomissing, PA

Imagine a flood sweeping through your business during one of the busiest times of the year! 

But SERVPRO of Wyomissing was quick to respond at our local H.H. Gregg location to make sure their electronic display pieces were unharmed and to make the entire disaster "Like it never even happened."

Bathtub and toys covered in soot

A Look at What Fire Can Do to Your Home

Most people can't imagine the damage that fire can cause, and we certainly hope they never do.

But unfortunately, disasters sometime strike and this is just a small look into how fire can damage your home. Although seemingly harmless, soot is actually a major problem for your home and YOU! 

Read more about fire disasters in our blog section to protect yourself as best you can from any kind of fire incidents. 

Kitchen counter destroyed with soot and fallen debris

Kitchen Fire in Wyomissing, PA

Fire disasters are not only damaging, but dangerous too.

Did you know that soot, like what is shown in this picture, is carbon particles from wood, coal or oil that spread, float and cover every inch of surface that it touches? Sometimes you can´t even see it.

So to be safe from fire, call your local authorities and SERVPRO of Wyomissing so we can make it "Like it never even happened."

Hotel hallway lined with SERVPRO equipment

Hotel Flooding in Wyomissing, PA

SERVPRO of Wyomissing doesn't only cover residential disasters, but we're also on call for any of your commercial needs, just like when this hotel flooded and needed our assistance. 

It took a lot of equipment and a lot of hands on deck, but we made this disaster, "Like it never even happened." 

Stuffed Santa Claus holding American Flag in front of SERVPRO box truck

Happy Holidays!

Here at SERVPRO of Wyomissing, we want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! 

And if you need anything this winter, we're available 24/7 for the Wyomissing community and surrounding areas. 

Thanks for a great year! 

SERVPRO box truck in the snow

Who Should You Call For A Winter Emergency? SERVPRO of Wyomissing!

Frozen pipes? Icy and damaged roofs? Flooding?

Who should you call for that winter storm emergency? SERVPRO of Wyomissing!

We have the equipment, and vehicles to get you quickly in any snowstorm. Call us at (610)208-0300 for your winter needs. 

Four People dressed in SERVPRO attire and masks at a job site

Meet the SERVPRO of Wyomissing Team

At SERVPRO of Wyomissing we are dedicated and hardworking, and we're better together. 

From our office coordinators to our in-field production support, we communicate, respond to disasters and efficiently clean up any emergencies "Like it never even happened." And we do it as a unified team so our community gets the best service possible!

Michele with mask on in her black SERVPRO uniform

SERVPRO of Wyomissing's Leader and Hardest Worker

Meet SERVPRO of Wyomissing's leader and hardest worker: Michele McEntee.

She's been leading SERVPRO of Wyomissing ever since we started servicing the Wyomissing area, and she will always be the first one to a job, to answer a call or to make sure you, your property and your loved ones are taken care of. 

Two men cleaning a grey kitchen wall

We Clean Too!

Our SERVPRO Wyomissing team, Rodney and Ervin, are thinking about how to approach a deep clean of a commercial kitchen in the Wyomissing area. We spent an entire day working towards making this kitchen look brand new! 

Rodney, SERVPRO Marketing and Sales manager, standing with family behind SERVPRO booth outside

SERVPRO is Family

SERVPRO is family, and family is SERVPRO. Here in this picture our Marketing and Sales manager, Rodney, stands with his children at a marketing event where we spent the day talking to our local community about everything SERVPRO. We loved talking to our community, and giving all of the local pups a treat! 

Local Kids Learn SERVPRO in Flying Hills, PA

After we fixed a family's water damage issue in Flying Hills, PA, they were pleasantly surprised about how we made their home look "Like it never even happened." and their children loved learning about the SERVPRO way! 

Do You Hear That Water Noise?

What happens after torrential rains storm through your town and your two Sup pumps stop working in the middle of the night? Unfortunately, flooding and water damage are extremely likely to seep into your home. So be sure to be alert, and call your local SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Growth

Mold growth can start anywhere and spread.

Seweage Backup -After

It's a great day at SERVPRO once we have cleaned up!

Sewage Backup-Before

Sewage backups are no fun

A home's shed impacted by fire damage

Fire in Sinking Spring, PA

As we all know fire is a very destructive force, and unfortunately it impacted this local home. We did our best to help the residents, and make their disaster "Like it never even happened." 

A yard cluttered with a home's damaged belongings

Do You Know What You Own?

In an effort to protect against possible flooding, store your belongings in plastic containers and clearly label and list what is inside of each one to avoid loss and issues with insurance in case of any emergency situation where your house could be flooded or damaged. Plus it's a great way to stay organized, and avoid stress!

Wooden door and walls soaked with water from flooding

See Just How Frozen Pipes Can Damage Your Home

It's that time of the year again when your pipes are more susceptible to freezing. Be sure to check out our blog on how to avoid your pipes freezing, and 8 inches of flooding ruining your holidays! 

Green SERVPRO box truck parked outside of a light blue beach house

SERVPRO of Wyomissing Ready for Hurricane Sandy 2014

SERVPRO of Wyomissing took our services to Long Branch, New Jersey when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2014. While we're always ready to handle disasters in Wyomissing, we're also always prepared to lend a hand when neighboring communities need a little more help to get on their feet and to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO van #1

Cargo van and great to haul equitptment

Hurricane Sandy 2014

SERVPRO was well represented at Hurricane Sandy all up and down the NJ and NY coast more than any other mitigation company. Where ever you looked, you saw green. SERVPRO's came from all over the country to help!!

Clean Out

Most people don't realize that we clean out and clean up hazardous properties that have water damage, mold, fleas, feces and more.

Soot damage on a window

Norristown Fire of 2015

Although we don't normally service Norristown, we lent a hand when a commercial building experienced a damaging fire on the top floor. As you can see it was an all hands on deck kind of job, and SERVPRO of Wyomissing was ready to help! 

Fire in Wyomissing 2012

residential electric fire burned the entire house

Complete Home Clean in Wyomissing, PA

Back in 2013, we helped this home organize their belongings and get rid of things they didn't need. We also aided the donation process for the things they didn't need! SERVPRO enjoys turning a house into a home again. 

Downspouts connected to a brick home outside

Just Another Way Water Damage Can Start

Are you worried about water damage? So is SERVPRO of Wyomissing, and this is how water damage can start in your basement. If downspouts are not doing their job, like pictured above, then water has easier access to your foundation, and thus a higher probability of creating the disaster that is water damage! 

Mold 2015

Mold remediation in a finished basement

Indoor Swimming - the Water Damage Way

When SERVPRO of Wyomissing arrived to a broken pipe creating water damage havoc!  The ceiling was falling into a baby pool in the customers basement and catching the water from the broken pipe above, so indoor swimming anyone?